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Speedmaster V2.0

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Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  knpuma el Lun Oct 03, 2011 11:05 am

Review of Speedmaster V2.0 sim racing cockpit

Submitted by sonac on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 10:36

Review of Speedmaster V2.0 sim racing cockpit

This is my review of Speedmaster V2.0 Black Edition. The company is based in Germany, but ships worldwide. After talking to Christian, who is a sales manager at Speedmaster, he decided to give me an opportunity to review their product, so here we are. It was shipped out to me on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday, which is a very short period for shipping something this heavy from Germany to Slovenia.

Unboxing and assembly

It came in two boxes. The smaller contained a seat split in two parts and everything else was in the larger one. Upon opening, I was surprised by how neatly everything was packed and even though the metal parts were not packed in nylon foil, packaging looked good enough to prevent any damage during shipping. I slowly took all the parts out of the box and wiped them to remove any white styrofoam particles left on black metal tubes. I discovered a scratch on one of the parts that probably occured in the factory, but other than that everything was in perfect condition.

All the parts were nicely packed. Seat in one box and everything else in the other one.

All the parts out of their boxes.

The assembly was quite simple. There was only a German manual included in the box, but pictures were clear enough, that I did not need to translate the text in order to put the Speedmaster together. Each individual part is light enough to be handled with ease - a one man job. All you need for the assembly are a number 10 wrench and a number 4 allen key. Unfortunately these do not come bundled in the box, so you could be in for a surprise, if you do not have the necessary tools at home. After close observation, I discovered that the two metal tubes that provide wheel platform support from the sides, are not completely symmetrical, but everything fit together well and I only had to apply some force to one side of the wheel deck, before tightening the screws, to get everything permanently in correct position.


I am always somewhat doubtful abut the design of products before trying them and this time was no different. My expectations about this product were quite high, but even after I had opened the boxes containing all the parts ofSpeedmaster V2.0, I was yet to be convinced about its sturdiness, that Christian talked so much about. To my surprise, it turned out to be even more stable than I expected. Once you tighten the screws really well, everything gets very sturdy. All the parts are made from metal, which means you do not have to worry about over-tightening them - the construction just gets stronger. The pedal plate is not very thick, but support underneath is very strong and there is no flex under braking even at the hardest load-cell sensitivity setting on Fanatec Clubsport Pedals. The four metal tubes that support the wheel plate form a rock sturdy construction, resistant to movement in every direction. The wheel plate gets screwed to it with a pair of bolts. These need to be tightened very well if you want to completely eliminate wheel movement. Otherwise it can angle slightly towards or away from you, when pushed or pulled. The part that looks to be the least sturdy before mounting, is the shifter holder. It is only bolted down at one point, but thanks to four bolts in parallel, it is also surprisingly solid, so there is no movement when shifting. As you can see on the photo of disassembled cockpit above, the seat consists of two parts. The bottom part is big and heavy, screwed securely to the rails for front-back position adjustment. It is quite heavy, and neither it or the rails underneath it allow any unwanted movement. There is no slack, so you can really lean on it while braking. The top of the chair is a bit different. It is just inserted into the bottom part and not secured with any screws. This means there is a little front-back movement, if you try to wiggle it with your hands. It is not really an issue, more of an imperfection. I could never notice it while driving, probably because it falls into the extreme rear position the first time you lean on it and stays there unless you stand up and push it forward with your hands. The benefit of that is that you can remove it very quickly and store it somewhere else, when not racing.

To get a better impression of Speedmaster's stability, watch my video review.


Stability does not mean a lot without good adjustability, so that anyone can find a position that works good for his height, proportions and driving style. While the angle of Speedmaster's seat is not adjustable, there are quite a few other adjustability options, which are enough to make it fit to anyone. The two metal tubes in front can be pulled out, rising the wheel and bringing it closer to the driver at the same time, wheel plate can be mounted in six different positions, bringing the wheel close to or far from the driver and seat is on rails, allowing it to move towards or away from the front end of the cockpit.  Shifter mount can be mounted on either side, but because shifter holder is not symmetrical, shifter will be positioned a bit too far away from the driver, when mounted to the left side.

Adjustability options let you find a comfortable driving position.


As written above, Speedmaster is quite adjustable. Personally I decided to screw the wheel plate to third hole towards me and pull the two wheel-supporting tubes out a bit, moving the whole wheel deck slightly upwards and towards me. By doing that, I also slightly increased the distance between the wheel and pedals. The most important setting, like in a real car, is the seat position. While it can not be moved vertically, you can slide it forwards and backwards very easily, by pulling a lever and pulling your self in either direction. To my surprise, everyone I invited to race inSpeedmaster, said they thought it was comfortable even though the only adjustment they made was sliding the seat forwards or backwards, depending on person's height. That can be done in a second, which is handy when friends come over and you take turns.

The foam used for cushioning is quite firm, but comfortable enough. I can not yet comment on how durable it is, but my impressions so far are good. The seat itself is fixed, meaning it does not recline, but that is a compromise they decided to make by including a bucket seat instead of a regular, less sporty one. Because of the bucket shape, it gives you good feeling by providing lateral support both in hips and shoulders. This support is not exaggerated, because they had to make the seat wide enough to fit most people, but it does feel good. Also there are four intelligently placed patches of plastic/rubbery material on seat, that give you good hand grip, when entering or exiting the chair. The only thing I do not like about the seat is its headrest. Instead of implementing a fixed headrest, they decided to make it rotate around a center axis. It does it job well, if your height is perfect and your head lands exactly on headrest's center, but in every other case it does not provide very good head support. In my experience this is not a problem, because no one who tried it actually leaned far enough back to use the headrest, but it could be done better.

I am not a huge fan of the rotating headrest.


It is officially compatible with the following wheels:

  • Logitech G25/27

  • Logitech Dricing Force GT

  • Fanatec Porsche Wheel (wheel plate drilling required)

  • Thrustmaster T500RS

Looking at the Speedmaster, it soon becomes obvious that it was primarily designed for Logitech G25/G27 wheel, pedals and shifter. The wheel plate does not come drilled for any wheel, because Logitech's table clamp mounts to it very securely, the pedal plate has holes for hard-mounting Logitech's pedals and shifter holder's dimensions are perfect for mounting Logitech's shifter with its mounting system.

Mounting any Fanatec wheel to it requires some extra work. Fanatec's table mount clamp does not work, because the tubes underneath get in the way, so bolting the wheel to the plate is the only option. You will need to use the drilling template that came with the wheel (it is also available in PDF format on Fanatec's website) and drill four 6mm holes in the wheel plate. You will also need to buy four M6 screws (length 20 mm). The pre-drilled holes on the pedal platform are positioned too close together for the Clubsport Pedals, so you will need to do the same here, or use some Velcro to prevent sliding. I must say that because of pedal plate's angle, pedals will move very little even without securing them in any way. The shifter mount is not directly compatible with Fanatec's current lines of shifters, because those do not have any other mounting options, but the two holes for mounting with Fanatec's own metal rods. You will either have to keep using those metal rods and leave the shifter mounted to the wheel, or improvise a bit and mount it to the shifter holder any way. I tried both by mounting the sequential shifter next to the wheel and manual shifter to the cockpit's holder. I positioned it slightly forward to make room for the cable, that comes out on the bottom, used some Velcro to prevent shifter from sliding and secured it with a few cable ties. This way it is very secure, but maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as some would want. Fanatec compatibility might not be as good, when compared to a Logitech G25/G27 compatibility, but after some quick and easy work, everything it is almost perfect.

Fanatec's Porsche 911 GT2 wheel, Clubsport Pedals and the Shifter Set mounted to the Speedmaster.


The overall quality of this cockpit is quite good. Every important part of it is made of metal, tubes measure 25 mm in diameter and seat is covered in synthetic fabric, which is soft and will not make you sweat more than usual. As I already mentioned, there was one scratch on one of the parts, which could suggest that powder coating is not very scratch resistant, but it is hard to make any conclusions without deliberately trying to scratch it again. Another complaint I have is that two metal tubes that support the wheel deck from left and right were bent and welded slightly differently for this particular cockpit, but it does not affect the experience once you put the cockpit together and tighten everything in the correct position. The welds could be a bit nicer, but overall this cockpit looks really good, feels solid and stitching on the chair is error-free.


Measuring 155 cm in length, 55 cm in width, 103 cm in height and weighing about 30kg it is of average size and weight. The length is affected by the interestingly designed front of the cockpit, adding about 17 cm, but I think it is a great solution that provides good stability and I would pick the increased length over poor stability every time. The top of the chair can be removed by just lifting it up and stored separately, when not in use. If needed, the cockpit can also be split in half by unscrewing two knobs that secure it together. That way it can easily be moved from one room to another, when needed (you will have to disconnect the shifter cable to do it).

Front end provides good wheel and pedal support.

There are no rubber or other type of pads on the bottom of this cockpit, which makes moving it on hardwood surfaces somewhat risky. The bottom is smooth, but there is point in the middle of the frame, where front and rear halves come together and I can see that part scratching the wood in some situations. It is perfect, if you have a carpet in a living room, but it would have been nice if they included rubber feet too. They do, however, sell a carpet that fits nicely under a Speedmaster V2.0 as an accessory. It can be found in their on-line store and unless you already have a carpet in the room, where you are planning to use it, I strongly recommend buying the carpet too. The downside is that it will cost you additional 29,90 EUR.

Speedmaster V2.0 does not offer a cable management solution, but cable management is easy, if you use a few plastic cable ties. Cables can not be routed through the metal frame, but guiding them along is simple and because of cockpit's black color, cables are hardly noticeable in the end. Power adapter and excessive cables can be secured to the bottom of the pedal plate with little effort, so that they are neatly hidden (Velcro saves the day again!).

Driving in Speedmaster V2.0

Stability is definitely its strong point. I usually get irritated by even the slightest unwanted movements, but nothing would bother me while racing in this cockpit. While testing, nothing ever moved my attention away from the track and I think that is very important. The seating position is comfortable, while feeling sporty at the same time. Also there is more than enough leg room and absence of center post between the legs definitely helps with that.

When trying out Forza Motorsport 3 with Fanatec's GT2wheel, I was positively surprised by the way metal frame conducts vibrations. Fanatec wheels have two small vibration motors in the hub of the rim and in Forza 3 those two motors will vibrate under various conditions. They are not very strong, but the vibration they made, when car was loosing grip, could be felt under my feet and it resembled the vibration you get in a real car, when tires slide on wet tarmac. Neat! Rumble strips in iRacing also felt good and aButtkicker or a similar tactile device would probably work great on it.


I think Speedmaster V2.0 is a really good solution for sim racers and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of testing. As any other product, it has its faults, but in the end pros outweigh the cons by a mile, so I would not hesitate recommending it, if you are looking for an affordable but good sim racing cockpit. The product itself costs 289,00 EUR and shipping prices within Europe are quite reasonable, ranging from 9,90 EUR for delivery within Germany to 60 EUR for delivery to Switzerland or Greece. For orders outside Europe you need to contact them to get a shipping price quotation. Total price is very competitive and it is a huge upgrade, if you are currently racing at your computer desk or using a wheel stand. It will significantly improve your driving experience.

Positive points:

  • Excellent stability

  • Looks great

  • Affordable

  • Adjustability

  • Sporty feeling due to cockpit's design and a bucket seat

  • Plenty of leg room

  • Comfortable for a wide range of people

  • Wheel vibration can be felt through the frame

Negative points:

  • All parts are not perfectly symmetrical

  • No tools included

  • Odd, rotating headrest

  • Shifter holder a bit too far away, when installed to the left side

  • No rubber feet on the bottom to prevent floor damage (carpet recommended)

  • Conditional compatibility with Fanatec wheels (drilling required) and shifters


Lo importante no es como empieza, sino como acaba.

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Re: Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  santipunk el Lun Oct 03, 2011 12:30 pm

Puma una como ese copit venden en madrid de segunda mano con el G25 por 120 €

Lo malo (para los que vivimos fuera de Madrid) es que el propietario sólo lo vende en mano, te pongo el link por si te interesa

Copit con Volante G25

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Re: Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  kogollo el Lun Oct 03, 2011 12:39 pm

Ostraaaas, eso es una oferta cojonuda santi. Si alguien necesita un G25 y se anima, lo compremos a medias y nos repartimos el pack...

buenos humos

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Re: Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  knpuma el Lun Oct 03, 2011 1:34 pm

coño pues esta interesante la oferta, yo si alguien me compra el playseat... jejejeje

EDIT: Vale, viendolo bien, parece mentira el anuncio jejeje. Han visto el anuncio mas de 1500 personas y no contesta a los correos que le envias jejeje.

Me parecia muuyyyyy barato


Lo importante no es como empieza, sino como acaba.

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Re: Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  knpuma el Miér Oct 05, 2011 1:49 pm

Bueno, os pongo otro muy baratito y con un muy buen asiento (es un asiento de coche real). Ademas es en tienda oficial.

Aqui el link para comprarlo


Este si vendo el playseat me lo pillo. Lo dicho os vendo el playseat Alcantara como nuevo por 200 sin gastos de envio Razz



Lo importante no es como empieza, sino como acaba.

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Re: Speedmaster V2.0

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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